Masterclass: The Way of Marc Busch

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"How I approach Parkour from warmup ‘til cooldown."

Op 29 mei geeft Marc Busch (DE) een masterclass parkour in Gent waarbij hij een groep op straat door zijn persoonlijke exploratie- en creatieproces leidt. Deze masterclass zal in het Engels gegeven worden.

In this workshop Marc Busch will lead a group through the streets of Ghent, exploring spots and discussing his approach to parkour:

I will show you how I train parkour.
How I explore new spots, warm up, find jumps & ideas, how I break mental barriers and everything else that is happening in my mind during a training session.
So we are gonna train at spots I have never seen before and I will show you my ways and help you find your own :)

Practical information:

  • Sunday 29th of may: 14h - 17h
  • The streets of Ghent, starting location is in front of Sint-Pieters Station.
  • Open level workshop
  • 15+

Any questions regarding this workshop, contact me at

Marc Busch is a prominent parkour practitioner and teacher with a lot of experience. He is a member of the German parkour team Ashigaru and parkour has taken him all over the world. Not familiar with his flowy and creative style? Have a look at the video below.

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